Misty’s Take


With Co-Writer Misty Layne

Q: How did you first become involved with Counseling?

– I first became involved with COUNSELING via mutual friends of mine and Matt Algozzini’s. He was looking for some writing help; they told him about me; he took a look at some of my writing and voila! things progressed from there.

Q: Without spoiling too much, what were your first thoughts about Counseling when you were approached with the concept? What made want to jump on board?

– Honestly, my very first thought was “Can I even write this?”. COUNSELING involves two guys who are very much the epitome of the “frat boy/f*ck boi” stereotypes. It wasn’t a gender concern, nothing like “Oh, I’m a woman, can I write for a guy?”, lol. But I did worry about being funny enough. I’m snarky AF in my writing but I don’t typically write for laughs either, so this was a change. After that though, what made me jump on board was that it sounded plain FUN. I really wanted to write two really awful people and make people really like them.

Q: How did you approach writing your episodes for Season 1?

– Um…if memory serves correctly, I procrastinated till the last minute, then went, “Omg, omg, omg!”, lol. Also Algozzini and I would touch base every once in awhile to tweak things.

Q: You also have experience writing scripts born from your own concepts. How did writing on someone else’s project differ from writing your own?

– Obviously it’s different with each person you write with and with Algozzini it actually wasn’t THAT different. When I write my scripts, I still take in ideas from the cast/director, etc. but I DO have final say over what stays or goes. Writing COUNSELING, Algozzini clearly had final say but we worked so well together that not much had to be changed – we never had any big arguments over a storyline or anything dramatic. It IS a little scary writing someone else’s idea though because you’ll never see it as clearly as they have it in their mind and in the back of your mind, you’ll always be going, “Don’t mess it up, don’t mess it up!”.

Q: What is the most challenging part of collaborating with other writers on a project?

– Time constraints, lol. Scheduling times to meet or even just touch base by phone, etc. ended up being harder than one would think.

Q: Have you seen any of the footage? Are you looking forward to watching the show when it premieres?

– I have not! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it. I know about 85% of the cast and crew, and know how talented they all are, so I know it’s going to be EPIC.

Q: As a writer, what is the most rewarding part of the process for you?

– Getting my thoughts out and onto paper. I still write longhand for the most part (SO old-fashioned, I know, I know!) and it’s so rewarding to get that idea or that word or that one line out of my head and some place safe where I can expand up on it. Seeing the words appear upon the page is always rewarding.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in serial script writing, whether as a creator or collaborator?

– WRITE! Keep writing. Try out various ideas. Find other people to work with, even if it’s just a one-shot thing (that being said also be careful of who you work with because not everyone is on the up-and-up!). Grab your friends and make them act out your scripts and throw them up on YouTube. The current world is made for anyone to be a creator – all YOU have to do is create. 🙂